Letter to Dr. Steve: Poops Are Too Large

Dear Dr. Steve:

Our 8 yr old son can be accident free with daily fiber, but then his stools are soooo large that he routinely needs to plunge or the toilet needs to be snaked. Where is the happy medium?

Signed, G

Hi G,

Our website, www.ucanpooptoo.com, includes general information about the signs and causes of encopresis, including the exceptionally large stools you describe. A recently published survey indicated pediatric care providers are likely to instruct families with constipation to increase fiber, eliminate constipating foods, and reduce dairy from their children’s diet. However, the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterologists (NASPGHAN) guideline proposes a well-balanced diet for children with encopresis.

You are welcome to contact us if you have other questions about the UCanPoopToo program. Although we cannot give you personal support, advice or recommendations, we can provide you with general information that you may find helpful.

Take care,

Dr. Steve

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